Mold Remediation

Quality 1 Restoration technicians are certified in mold remediation by the IICRC. Our remediation methods are thorough and we GUARANTEE your property will PASS all post clearance tests performed by third party Inspectors.

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Mold Remediation

Mold is not only unsightly, but also unhealthy, damaging, and must be handled carefully. Quality 1 Restoration has the specialized experience and skills necessary for safe mold removal that ensures your space is safe.

Mold can occur without you even being aware that it exists in your home or business. The mold spores can result in allergic reactions, asthma attacks, sinus issues, and even poisoning and fungal infection.

A fungus that exists in many places, mold grows as a result of moisture and organic material. It commonly grows in damp areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere else that contains a consistent source of water.

Swift & Officiant Response To Mold Emergencies

  • Inspection & assessment
  • Pre-Testing by third party environmental hygienist
  • Written scope of work & technical reports
  • Containment to prevent contamination to unaffected areas
  • Microbial remediation & removal (mold removal)
  • Structure & content cleaning
  • HVAC system decontamination
  • Documents, vital records, archives & information (micro) media recovery
  • Dehumidification & moisture removal
  • Post-Clearance testing by third party environmental hygie

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The result of a successful mold remediation project is a dry, clean and free of visible dust or mold environment ready for repairs. Our Project Manager’s play a critical role in the mold remediation process. Following the mold remediation plan outlined by the licensed mold assessor, the Project Manager establishes the mold remediation work plan and ensures that our technicians follow this plan to effectively remediate the mold.

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