Fire & Smoke Damage

When a fire or smoke damage occurs in a home or business, it leaves a significant amount of repair and restoration need in its wake. Understanding how and what to do is crucial to properly mitigate the damage that occurs. The property will likely suffer from fire & smoke damage and possible water damage and flooding due to fire suppressant and fighting efforts. Few forces in nature have the destructive potential of fire, and an emergency incident can strike anywhere at any time.

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Fire and Smoke Restoration

When a fire occurs, unfortunately the damage can be severe. The soot and smoke from a fire damages wall or floor finishes, air quality and often equally as damaging is the water used to put out the fire. Our experience is critical during a fire loss. Our team can be onsite within an hour boarding up windows, securing doors, patching skylights, etc. to make the property safe and secure on an interim basis. Our equipment allows us to immediately dispatch air filtration and drying equipment to any size loss. Our cleaning technicians understand the proper cleaning techniques and materials required to remove soot and smoke from a building. 

The Dangers Posed by Fire Remnants

Smoke is a combination of compounds that quickly become aerosolized. This means that the particles in the fire become airborne. A multitude of chemicals can take to the air, lodging themselves into your throat with the potential for permanent damage.
Additionally, water left-over from fire sprinklers and the heroic efforts of firefighters can lead to mold spore growth. This further decreases the air quality in a facility beyond that of the smoke contamination. In these situations, you will need to seek out a professional team that offers highly intricate restoration services.

Professional Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Quality 1 Restoration arrives at the job with experience and training to safely and effectively restore your facility to its pre-accident condition. We analyze the damage before formulating a plan for our remediation efforts.

This process begins by removing any standing water to prevent mold growth. Then we can start filtering the air. Fire & smoke damage restoration also includes removing ash, soot, smoke to help the facility look, feel, and smell like new once again.

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