AC Leak Emergency

When a condensate line gets blocked, condensation (water) flows into the emergency drip pan instead of outside from the drain line. If allowed to continue or worsen, the condensate lines will become damaged and eventually begin to leak water inside the attic or walls of your home causing property damage.
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Is there water leaking or overflowing from the condensate drip pan?

If you can safely get a good look at your condensation drip pan and it looks rusty, orange, or corroded, chances are you either have a:

  1. Blocked line
  2. Condensate pipe leak
  3. Condensate Drip Pan Leak

If there is water clearly leaking from the drip pan, or it is overflowing and entering your home, drywall, or ceiling, it’s time to schedule an emergency service call.

Is your air conditioner turning off before it cools to the right temperature?

If so, your drip pan may be full and the overflow defense mechanism called the float switch is kicking the air conditioner off to prevent water damage in your home. Although a clogged condensate line will not affect your air conditioning unit’s ability to cool, this safety mechanism may (annoyingly) prevent the indoor air temperatures from getting as cool as you would like.

We Repair & Replace Condensate Lines, Drip Pans, & Pumps

Some of the most common ac leak problems require the following replacement and repair services:

  • Unblock Lines
  • Replace Damaged Lines
  • Replace Leaky Lines
  • Replace Drip Pan
  • Replace Condensate Pump

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